Dee’s Furniture Repair – Serving the Greater Chicago Area


Dee’s Furniture Repair is a fully insured company, which provides a security clearance by an organization recognized in the moving industry. Note that Dee’s Furniture Repair is now specializing only in the national moving claims industry.

During Dee’s Furniture Repair’s growing process of over 25 years, Dee’s has developed lasting relationships with many vendors, which allows Dee’s Furniture Repair to be very effective in sourcing out the many services that are required in the moving claims service business.

Due to these long relationships, companies such as appliance companies, chandelier-lighting companies, home building contractors for property damage projects, conservation companies for expensive art work, statues, painters, gun smiths for damaged fire arms, metal fabrication, electronics, picture framing-repair, glass replacement companies, many more, allow Dee’s to provide many solutions to the most complex claims.

Shop and on-site services encompass many skills and services such as furniture refinishing/restoration, wood repair, upholstery work & cleaning, leather, vinyl repair, custom wood work, custom stain work and frame repairs.


Dee's Furniture Repair - Homewood Illinois


Dee's Furniture Repair - Homewood Illinois


“By Dee’s Furniture Repair no longer providing residential services, Dee’s claims professionals have a source that is 100% devoted to their claims department needs.” – Jim Bandy, Operations Director

Territory Coverage State of Illinois (extensive work in the Chicago Metro area), Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan.

Please call and/or send an email for free consulting, free photo evaluation services, special discounted rates on trips 2 hours or more.