About Dee’s Furniture Repair – Serving the Greater Chicago Area

About Dee’s Furniture Repair

I am a proud veteran who honorably served in the United States Marine Corps (Vietnam veteran). Life member of the DAV, Marine Corps League , VFW, American Legion.

My wife, Donna and I have been married for over 50 years . We have five grown children and 16 grandchildren, four great. I love to fish and work outdoors in my garden. Donna is extremely devoted to this business, plus makes sure she has a grip on all family matters.We enjoy people very much, and just embrace life to the best of our abilities. We take great pride in honesty with people , long term relationships. My passion besides Dee’s is very much working as a Certified Claims Officer for the Disabled American Veterans.

Dee's Furniture Repair serves the greater Chicago area, including the entire State of Illinois, Northwest, Indiana, Central-Southern , WisconsinDee’s Furniture Repair serves the greater Chicago area, including the entire State of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, now Michigan.

Dee’s Furniture Repair encourages inquiries as to how Dee’s can be of service. Please feel free to e-mail or call us directly. Contact information for Dee’s Furniture is listed on this page.

2528 West 183RD ST.
Homewood IL, 60430

Office: (708) 297-4170
Fax: (708) 365-2003

Contact Us By e-Mail: deesfurnitureUSA@gmail.com

Thank You,

James Bandy
Director of Operations
Dee’s Furniture Repair Service

Dee’s Rules Of Operating Effectively

Dee’s disciplines are to return calls/emails if not within the business day it came in, then immediately the next day – not days later. One of Dee’s important rules is to  document, document, document absolutely ‘ALL’ communications.  Our moving claims personel  always get a Cc regardless.  All appointments are professionally transmitted by a formal outline ‘appointment schedule’ via email.  The shipper is always provided this outline, with a Cc to the claims person, which gives detailed information regarding the appointment. Plus, the customer is requested to ‘send a reply‘ to Dee’s acknowledging the conditions of the appointment which is then put in the moving company folder that the  appointment pertains to. Any cancellations by Dee’s or the shipper is also sent to the shipper with a Cc to the claims person handling that claim. Also, the claims person is sent additional notifications in the form of a Cc when the shipper is not communicating with Dee’s. Absolutely ‘ALL’ communication when  attempting to communicate with the shipper is achieved by a phone call, and a email with Dee’s contact information, whereby the claims person gets a Cc demonstrating such.

I challenge any claims department to prove that any other company does better than Dee’s in this department as outlined in the previous paragraph. When I am not in the office, I constantly check my cell phone for voice messages and emails in case there is an emergency request.  (The same holds true for my office team by the way.)  When any information comes to our office, it is automatically sent to me via phone or email with all information; hence, my customers always talk to me – not to anyone else in Dees office or shop.  On that subject, I have been doing claims work for about 20 of the 28 years in business.  If an emergency claim is communicated to Dee’s, we will react immediately. The most effective way to handle an emergency claim with Dee’s because of how we are set up internally is to just email Dee’s.  I assure you that 95+ percent of the time, the shipper and you will be contacted the same day.  If for any reason Dee’s can not get through to the shipper during normal business hours Dee’s will contact up to 8PM., that evening. Certainly, you can call, but by sending the contact information, location, etc. via email, there is no lag time – we get right on it in other words.

With regard to repairs, again, Dee’s must be doing something right to have survived this long and to have the growth record Dee’s enjoys. Do we make mistakes? Yes, and when that occurs, all we ask is to allow Dee’s to make it right – at no cost to the our customer.

I encourage you and any of your team members at Unigroup to call Dee’s to answer any questions and to make any adjustments so that Dee’s can tailor how we service your needs. Just ask!

 I need to emphasize that Dee’s covers all of Illinois (obviously ‘Chicago Metro’) , Indiana , Wisconsin and Southwest Michigan.  You will ask, “What about the cost of the ‘Inspection Service’ if outside of  the Chicago area? Answer is – just ask.  Dee’s has set up a fee program for any location past two hours of drive time with a special discount to encourage using Dee’s in cases where other repair firms are difficult to locate and/or are not experienced in managing moving claims. 

Lastly, please share especially this information, ALL Inspection Service  Fees are a ‘FLAT FEE -NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES’ .  The Inspection Service covers the following services:

Travel time, no limit on number of items, pages, photos, time at the residence (i.e., two days, no additional) .  Please keep in mind that all photos show exact location(s) of damage (no guess work). That is the editing part of our photo service.   It is very detailed for each photo shows in the frame the invoice number, item number and often describes the damage in the photo frame,.  This information matches the item numbers on the report –  again, no searching trying to figure out which photo belongs to which item on the report.

As the old saying goes,  ‘you get what you pay for”. If your company , as yourself , desire efficiency , very professional reports , hassle free , Dee’s is the place to go.