Understanding Wood Finishing

The Challenging Subject of Wood Finishing

Author: Jim Bandy

The subject matter at hand is focussed on a legendary artist known as Mr.Bob Flexner. Mr. Flexner has published many books where he articulates the how, when, where and the why of wood finishing. The most enjoyable part of this book which is titled,‘Understanding Wood Finishing,’ is reading the very well thought out descriptions of the process in an easy-to-read format. Books on finish are often difficult to read straight through because those parts you have no experience with are often difficult to follow. The information in this book is arranged linearly, in the order you actually apply a finish. But you needn’t read the early parts to understand the later. A craft is not learned linearly, it’s learned gradually, the conceptual understandings periodically buttressed by hands – on experience. As your skills improve, your interest will change, and thus allowing you to tackle other sections. As in many crafts, or arts, the more you learn about a subject, the better you will be able to understand another. Finishing in itself is not easy to do mainly because it is a complex subject that has many variables, many directions, and trust me ,very humbling. The bad news, no matter how long you do it, you will continue to have problems. But that is what makes finishing not only challenging, but fun.